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WordPress Developer

WordPress and Me

My name is Billy, I am a WordPress developer and designer with 5 years of agency experience. I have worked one-on-one and on teams  for clients to create their sites, set meetings, and collaborate on design and content. I have deep knowledge of WordPress from initial set-up and hosting to choosing or creating the correct themes and plugins. I can create all the text and design, ensuring the best UX and conversion rates. I am well-versed in SEO prac- tices, both technical set-up and how the content should be written. I design and build my sites to be purposeful to the user and intuitive to navigate on all devices. I can build custom themes either classic PHP or the new block themes I can also adapt existing themes to meet the project’s needs. I have great problem-solving skills in design and technical issues. I have experienced most of the page builders, including Elementor, Divi, WP-Bakery, Site Origins, and Gutenberg.

I can work with clients to get the needed assets, like text, style guides, and media. For most projects I set up needed tools for collaboration, like spreadsheets and asset drives for media, to make it as easy as possible for the client. I also have experience with Figma and Adobe XD for quick prototyping. I can provide ongoing support on all aspects of a site, including design, content, and technical. 

For content, I can analyze the data on the target audience and create blogging and social calendars. I have the design skills to then create all of the media (including video) and text needed for the campaigns. I also have experience with email campaigns, using tools like MailChimp and Constant Contact. For the final site handoff, I like to create documentation on any aspect of a site as needed. I like to write detailed documents and use screen recordings, creating detailed video walk-throughs of the site’s functionality.
I am good at working independently, initiating project activities, and handling multiple assignments. I am good at communicating using either Slack or internal tools provided and collaborating, I use some amazing screen recording software that works very well for both internal and external communication. I have a distraction-free office with a fiber Internet connection. Lastly, I can also create video content. I have worked as a video editor and can handle most production needs from planning and storyboarding to uploading and YouTube management.
Technical Expertise:
  • I have deep knowledge of WordPress, from setup and hosting to theme and plugin selection.
  • I am proficient in creating purposeful, user-friendly designs with a focus on UX and conversion rates.
  • I am skilled in SEO practices, covering technical setup and content optimization.
  • I have experience with various page builders: Elementor, Divi, WP-Bakery, Site Origins, Gutenberg.
Client Collaboration:
  • I facilitate seamless collaboration with clients by obtaining necessary assets, setting up collaboration tools, and using Figma and Adobe XD
Ongoing Support:
  • I provide comprehensive support for site aspects, including design, content, and technical.
  • I analyze audience data to create effective blogging and social calendars.
  • I am proficient in crafting media, including video, for campaigns and managing email campaigns with tools like MailChimp and Constant Contact.
Documentation and Communication:
  • I create detailed documentation and video walk-throughs for site handoffs.
  • I have strong communication skills using Slack and internal tools for both internal and external collaboration.
  • I have a proven ability to work independently, initiate projects, and handle multiple assignments effectively.
Video Content Creation:
  • I am a skilled video editor capable of managing production needs from planning and storyboarding to uploading and YouTube management.
  • I operate in a distraction-free office with a reliable fiber internet connection.

Zenatta Consulting

Senior Web Developer - Nov 2021 to March 2023

At Zenatta the web team had two major functions, Primarily client work, second was the three sites used by the company. My day to day involved WordPress development, web design, ad design, and some video creation. Each client project had weekly client meeting ran by me to show progress, get clarification of complex needs, and pitch additional work.

Wayne Martin
Directory Of Marketing
Zenatta Consulting
[email protected]

I am writing to wholeheartedly recommend Billy Bates as a WordPress developer and designer for your company, I had the pleasure of working with Billy for 2 years, during which he was employed as a Senior Web Developer.

Billy’s contributions to our team and projects were invaluable. His technical skills are exceptional, with a deep understanding of web development technologies including HTML, CSS, and eCommerce Development. He consistently delivered high-quality work that not only met but often exceeded our expectations.

One of Billy’s most notable projects was [you choose the website project]. His innovative approach and attention to detail were instrumental in the project’s success. This project not only improved our web platform’s efficiency but also received positive feedback from our users for its user-friendly design and functionality.

Beyond his technical expertise, Billy’s interpersonal and leadership skills make him a standout team member. He was always willing to mentor junior developers and collaborate with other departments to ensure the success of our projects. His positive attitude and ability to stay calm under pressure were contagious and greatly appreciated by everyone on our team.

Billy’s dedication to staying abreast of the latest developments in web technology and his proactive approach to problem-solving were particularly impressive. He consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence and a passion for his work that inspired those around him.

In conclusion, Billy would be a tremendous asset to any organization. His blend of technical prowess, creativity, and collaborative spirit sets him apart as a top-tier web developer. I have no doubt that he will contribute greatly to the continued success of [Recipient’s Company/Organization].

Please feel free to contact me if you need any more information or specific examples of Billy’s work and achievements.

Wayne Martin

  • Worked with the web team to deliver improvements for both the company website and clients
  • Direct client engagement
  • Ran client project status meetings 
  • Directed asset creation and design with clients
  • Managed client expectations and goal setting throughout the engagement
  • Implemented client requirements to WordPress development
  • Worked with other designers and developers on the web team to execute client goals
  • Ensured client success via training and walkthroughs
  • Planned web products,
  • Designed the white label podcast division product offerings
  • Created marketing and video assets

See my video skills in... Action!

This was a cool project, another team was working on a video as sales tool for a new class on CRM development. I helped edit the final version, the previous version was well intended but not as good as t could be. I added the graphics, text, and edited the content from 7 min, to 1 min. 

KWSM - a digital marketing company

WordPress Developer - March 2018 to Jan 2021

KWSM is a Digital Marketing Agency,  I was the primary developer for three years until COVID. I would meet with clients and create plans for there site, I would work with the design and marketing teams to create great looking sites that where well thought out.  This job taught me a lot about marketing and what is needed from a web developer, I would often have solutions to the marketing teams problems before the problems where obvious. I also ran the web maintenance department where I would backup and update over 80 sites a month.With the site maintenance gained a great deal of experience what can go wrong and how to fix it.

  • Built full sites, landing pages, pop-ups, and emails for clients using page builders
  • Fixed issues related to out of date themes, plugins, and php
  • Analyzed existing sites and made recommendations to fix or rebuild them
  • Ran maintenance services for 80 sites and put bids for new work for these sites
  • Built sites from PSD files
  • Assisted coworkers with technical issues
  • Got 2nd place in a soup competition

Google for Accenture

Creative Developer - Nov 2016 - Sep 2017

I worked as a Creative Developer with the Sales Animation Team at Google for the past year. This was been a two part job. For the first several months we analyzed creative work. Then we moved into stage two, test our analysis in an operational stage.

The first part of the job my team and I broke the creative process down. Creating training material, workflow charts, and a comprehensive Standard. Operating Procedures manual. We did an outstanding job, receiving positive feedback from top level managers. They are currently putting this to use and hiring in India.

Then in Operations, we receive creative requests from Google’s Account Managers. Creating Gmail Ads, YouTube commercials, and YouTube Mastheads. Always meeting turnaround times, usually under 72 hours. My work has thrilled clients and lead to huge deals for the Account Managers.

Demo Reel

This is a collection from the work done for Google. It’s a mix of edited video and motion graphic work. 

CAE Sound

Front End Developer, Designer, Video Production - Sep 2013 - Jan 2016

My efforts CAE Sound have doubled the traffic and sales of vintage electronic musical instruments. I have built and maintain a website that meets all the needs of CAE sounds needs, using HTML5 CSS3 and Bootstrap I created a wonderful site that works great for the user and the client loves it. With there massive parts catalogue and years of experience CAE sound is a leader in Pro Audio repair. I also provide Web management of the online store , including SEO, Google Adwords campaigning, RSS feeds to the Google Marketplace, Instagram and Facebook promotions, Plus photos of the products themselves,


Video Work for CAE

This is my favorite of a series of videos I did with Peter. This is a tutorial i created entirely on how to convert your single speed Leslie amp into a TWO speed Leslie, well part one at least. 

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